We offer the news as it comes to us. Unfortunately, we have a limited staff. Like most major news outlets, we’ve been downsized, outsized, and capsized to the point we’ve become a minor news outlet.

We lie, not deliberately, but because we’re deeply flawed human beings. We don’t defer to our advertisers, but that’s mainly because we, as yet, don’t have any. Check back in a few weeks.

Very late at night, or more precisely, very early in the morning, we tend to think of ourselves as modern-day Robins and Little Johns and Maid Marians, sharing the King’s deer with our fellow serfs.

Our politics, if that’s not clear enough, tends towards what used to be called progressive. In the days before corporate Democrats were confused with Socialists, and ordinary Americans didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have a doctor check their arms and legs.

Anyway, enough about us. It’s always, “Me, me, me” on these “About Us” pages. How are you?

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