Facebook: When Will It Become Sentient and Enslave Us All?

We had to know this was coming: Facebook, the uber-application that has rapidly aggregated unprecedented amounts of very personal, very detailed information about 600 million humans (and counting!), now uses facial-recognition software to identify people in photographs uploaded to the service.

Each time a Facebook user “tags” someone in a photo – that is, names the people in a posted photo – the service’s computers make a note of the name and the face. With this information, aggregated across Facebook, people in other photographs can be easily identified.

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Robin Hood & The 400 Richest Families

June 13, 2011
Thanks to the folks at United for A Fair Economy (UFE), we now have a pretty good idea what Robin Hood might do with the wealth of the richest 400 families in America.

Turns out they’re not really rich, they’re really, really rich. To the tune of 1.73 trillion dollars. Trillion.

And it turns out that 1.73 trillion bucks has some serious purchasing power.

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Don’t Straighten Your Hair in A House With Plywood and While You’re At It Avoid that Plastic Foam Coffee Cup

According to U.S. National Toxicology Program’s Report on Carcinigens, formaldehyde causes cancer and styrene is a possible carcinogen. The finding, according to the New York Times:

was delayed for years because of intense lobbying from the chemical industry, which disputed its findings.

According to John Bucher, associate directror of the Program, workers involved in the manufacture of products containing formaldehyde are at greatest risk, but consumers can be exposed to potentially dangerous quantities of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is commonly found in many contemporary building materials, including pressed wood products, paneling, particle board and cabinets.

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